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What Our Users Are Saying . . .

Thank you, Shane.  Keep up the good work.  I think your website has got to be one of the best for business officials.


Lisa Raymond
Assistant Superintendent for Business
Tri Valley Central School


Hello Shane,

The site is a great resource.  Thanks for your effort on this.


Gregory Giammarco
School Business Official
Ichabod Crane CSD





Michael D. Jumper
Assistant Superintendent for Business
Katonah Lewisboro School District





I signed on to the SBA website in February 2009 not knowing what to expect and have been extremely pleased with the quality and in-depth content I have been able to access.


There is a strong commitment by its users and business partners to place quality documents and valuable information on the website.


While I reference other school business web-sites (such as NYSASBO, ASBO International, OSC), I cannot obtain the variety and depth of information that I can on the SBA website. It is great having all this information in one location.   I have used the website content for my professional development, my own school business use, for use at staff meetings, and in updates to the Board of Education.  I have found the CPI information, bond, and banking information extremely helpful.


I appreciate the email alerts and notifications informing me of new postings to the website.


I am impressed by it all and want to thank you for your work involved in making the SBA website a success.



John DeSanto

Assistant Superintendent for Business

Queensbury Union Free School District




Thanks, Shane.  This is a very helpful resource.


Sharon Denue
Assistant Superintendent for Business
Hicksville UFSD




I find the SBA website a very effective tool in keeping me up-to-date on current issues.  It additionally serves as a great resource when I need to find information on the variety of topics addressed by the business office.  Thank you, Shane!

Michael Goldbeck
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance
Pine Plains Central School District 




I would like to thank all the wonderful sponsors for their support of this website.  As a newcomer to the industry, the SBA website has been extremely helpful to me on numerous occasions.  Without your support, this website would not be possible.  Although I might not always have the time to read all the in-depth articles that might be written, just reading the updates helps me keep abreast of the "hot topics".  

One of the areas that I have been particularly interested in, is  purchasing since 80% of my day is concentrated on purchasing.  I like being able to read my colleagues bids or rfp's to see their ideas and incorporate some of them into specs that I am trying to draft.  

Thanks again, I truly appreciate this website, it really gives me a plethora of information, that I would not be able to attain without going to many different websites.  This website is like a one stop shop, so it is very convenient and helpful.  

Nicole Barbante
Patchogue Medford Schools
Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for Business



The SBA website has afforded the Nassau Chapter of School Business Officials to post pertinent information dealing with our profession.  We are able to share changes and updates with regard to statutes and budgetary items which are important to all of us.  The Chapter is also able to share news regarding meeting dates and speakers, financial statements, mentoring initiatives, county consolidation initiatives which are accessed by all members.  It has truly been a valuable tool for sharing resources amongst our membership!

Melissa Burak, Ed.D

Assistant Superintendent for Business

Lynbrook Public Schools




I have found the SBA website easy to use. A variety of information which is very useful to the practicing NYS Business official is always available.  The site is current and up to date replete with information necessary to running an efficient and accountable operation.  Thank you for a valuable resource.


David H. Grackin, Asst. Supt.

Huntington UFSD




Dear Shane,


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts in developing and management of the SBA website. It is an extremely useful tool in getting information and clarifying complicated issues we face on a daily basis.


I would also like to thank the SBA website sponsors and appreciate their continued support.




Robert P. Gorman

Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance

East Meadow School District






Thank you for all your efforts in developing the SBA website as it has become a vital tool for information and resources.  Not only is it a supportive tool to gain information on items like insurance, CPI, State Aid and more, but the e-mail alerts are also a gentle reminder of the important topics that have been updated.


Dana DiCapua

Assistant Superintendent for Business

Wantagh UFSD






I think you put together a very useful too to help business officials zero in on pertinent topics where we need background information and data to support our recommendations to committees and the BOE.  Since we become a resource to the entire district for all non-instructional items, and we can’t possibly be experts in every discipline, I find that using your resources and references help generate answers that I wouldn’t know enough about or have the time to research in depth properly. I use your templates and transportation resources frequently.  Thanks for putting this together.  Your website combined with my access to the ASBO website form the foundation for my information searches.  I hope you are able to expand the service as time goes on because our job keeps expanding.  There are new mandates, regulations, filing deadlines, etc., that without help like you provide, would be almost impossible to keep track of on our own.  I appreciate the fact that you consolidate a ton of resources with live links so my time is used much more productively.


Steven Epstein

Smithtown Central School District

Coordinator of Budget and Capital Projects




As a newly certified SBA it has been a tremendous relief to be introduced to the SBA Website.  The site not only contains reference material for all facets of school business operations, but it also contains valuable and informative surveys that can be used to help formulate positions on various issues.


Very respectfully,


Spiro Chris Colaitis, PE

District Supervisor, Facilities and Support Staff

Malverne Union Free School District




Hi Shane,

I am very grateful for the wealth of information that is on the SBA Website.  As a new business official, I am constantly researching the latest updates on insurance, state aid, capital projects, and NYS Comptroller’s audits to name a few.  It is helpful to be able to go to one web site that has everything at my fingertips.  I also appreciate the email alerts as the various topics are updated.


Thank you for doing such a great job in keeping me informed!


Kind regards,


Marguerite Jimenez


Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations

Deer Park Union Free School District




The SBA website offers access to information that simply is not available in any other single source.  It is comforting to have the opportunity to post and view information that provides an insiders look at what is occurring in other districts.  I am hopeful this will be around for future business officials as it has become invaluable to our district.

Paul Defendini
Assistant Superintendent for Business
UFSD Farmingdale






Thank you for the excellent work you have done on the SBA Website on our behalf.  This is an essential tool for anyone in a school business office. The site is well organized and very easy to use. It is so helpful to have one site that is a source of such a great variety of information. Whether I am researching something related to accounting, auditing, food service, transportation or even facilities, I always visit the SBA Website first. The site is a unique resource in that it facilitates discussions among fellow school district administrators, as well as some of the major industry service providers.  


Kind regards,


Elisa Pellati, CPA

Assistant Business Official

Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District




The SBA website has proved to be a valuable resource for something as simple as searching for a colleague's contact information or more complex as in receiving input on budget forecasting or soliciting sample request for proposals for various school district services.  It is a site that is constantly updated with the newest and latest information gathered for school business officials as we perform our varied and complex tasks each day.  I consider the site an exemplary way to communicate with colleagues and a sharing site that contains a plethora of necessary data.


Camille D. Birmelin

School Business Official

Floral Park-Bellerose UFSD




I have found the SBA Website to be an extremely useful resource, especially as a new entrant into the public school arena.  This website provides a collection of pertinent data and critical information that is essential in gathering the proper tools necessary to manage the daily operations of a district’s business office.  Many thanks to the website sponsors who generously support the opportunity for SBAs to have access to this beneficial resource.


Jacqueline Fitzpatrick

Business Administrator, East Williston UFSD



What Our Sponsors Are Saying . . . 

The SBA Website has been a wonderful tool in our marketing toolbox. It is a non-intrusive way for School Business Administrators to experience our expertise in our specific field. Shane Higuera has done an outstanding job in creating this forum for exchange of valuable information. SBA's need resources to assist them in their multi-faceted duties and responsibilities. The SBA Website provides them with 24-7 access to a multitude of documentation and information on the specialty areas. I particularly find the "Alert" system to be an excellent distribution tool to reach out to the SBA's with important communications and bulletins.


Our participation in the SBA website has definitely increased our "face time" with School Business Administrators (both clients and prospective clients) throughout the State.




Shelley M. Levine, CIC

Executive Vice President

Bollinger Insurance

35 Mason Street

Greenwich CT 06830

Tel:   203 413-1633

Fax:  203 622-1766



In just a few short years, the SBA Website has become a major go-to resource for hundreds of New York public school administrators. We are impressed by the number of our clients who make reference to the SBA Website, and to the essential and reliable information that is frequently posted and updated. We support and endorse the SBA Website for the professional and successful efforts it makes to expand knowledge through modern electronic communication. 

Martin A. Geiger, Esq.
Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP
One Chase Manhattan Plaza
New York NY 10005
tel:   212.820.9406
fax:  212.820.9532





Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the time you took with me back in June at the NYSASBO conference. Your guidance on content submissions for the SBA website were valuable. It's extremely helpful to have the perspective of an expereinced, professional school business official when forming our communication materials. Now it's for me to implement your practical suggestions.


By the way, I am finding the website very helpful, and not only in the insurance and benefit areas. Having a finger on the pulse of what's imprtant to my clients and prospects throughout their scope of responsibilites gives me an insight into where I need to focus my efforts to position myself as a valuable resource.


Thanks again for your help


Best regards,


Tom Newman


Newman Company

925 Hempstead Tpke

Suite 340

Franklin Square, NY  11010

516 488 1100






I wanted to take a moment and say how thrilled we are with our sponsorship of your website. The reason we got involved as a company was to reach the many members you have in both Suffolk and Nassau County. That was a major accomplishment and it helped raise our company’s awareness in the business official community. It also helped raise awareness of our partner Alcatel-Lucent which was our main goal.


While we are happy with the results of that, I think the greater benefit was that we have found your site and news updates via email to be an excellent tool for Core in business development and as an information resource. With the many issues facing our school districts on Long Island I find that we have become more sensitive to some of the inner workings of schools. Your site helped develop a keen knowledge of the different issues as well as opportunities within the Business Official community.


To me those are a greater benefit then the notoriety we have been receiving. I also look forward to increasing our publishing on the site so we can contribute to your people.





Matthew M. Pomara

Vice President, Managing Director

Core BTS

1373-10 Veterans Memorial Highway

Hauppauge, NY 11788-2836

631.982.4750 (NEW NUMBER)

631.982.0174 Fax (NEW NUMBER)




TD Bank has been a sponsor of the SBA Website for several years.
We find the email notifications informing us of new, up-to-date, relevant bulletins posted on the website very useful.
The site began with Long Island School Business Officials as members and has expanded to include School Business Officials from 58 counties around the state and New York City.  As TD Bank grows throughout NYS we are aware of the potential resource the SBA Website can offer all School Business Officials.  We feel our participation on the SBA website will give us the opportunity to reach School Business Officials, both customers and prospects throughout New York State.
TD Bank is proud to sponsor the SBA Website.