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 About Us

The SBA Website is a free members-only resource available to all school building, school district, and school business administrators and their staff members working in school districts, BOCES, and charter schools within New York State.  The site is dedicated to serving their information, collaboration, and communication needs.

SBA stands for school business administration.  School business administration includes budget, finance, accounting, auditing, employee benefits, and operations.  Operations includes security, facilities, pupil transportation, food service, IT (computers and telephones), risk management, and miscellaneous other activities.

Current members of the site may sign in by clicking on the "Enter Members-Only SBA Website" tab at the top of this page, and then entering a valid user name and password.  Contact the web membership administrator if your user name and password information has been misplaced.

Administrators and their designated staff members who are not yet members of the site may gain access by e-mailing the web membership administrator with their complete professional contact information. 

Businesses and other organizations that wish to participate in the site may contact us for information on how to become a site sponsor.



 Our Sponsors

The following organizations generously contribute the necessary funding each year to develop, expand, and maintain this important resource.  They also give away some of their considerable expertise by submitting reference materials and items of interest to assist administrators and their staff members to perform their professional roles.

Our sponsors deserve your active thanks and to be included in all your purchasing considerations.  They deserve the opportunity to earn your business  Please make certain they get that opportunity.

Lead Sponsors 

Regular Sponsors
Core BTS, Inc.
Harris School Solutions J.J. Stanis and Company, Inc.